Use Cases

Affordable Intraoral cameras that can be used outside of the dental office have many benefits and can be used in a variety of ways. Explore how the MouthCAM intraoral cameras can help provider remote patient monitoring, remote triaging, and remote Teledentistry consultations below:


Intraoral Cameras for Patients

Intraoral cameras for dental patients and consumers allow patients to check their own teeth in order to monitor and track their oral health. The MouthCAM can be purchased by consumers to check, assess, and monitor for cavities, gum disease and other problems before they get worse.


Affordable Intraoral cameras for Dental Professionals

Dental patient intraoral cameras empower dentists and hygienists to better educate their patients and monitor their hygiene habits remotely using photos, videos, and artificial intelligence.


Intraoral cameras for Insurance Companies

MouthCAM intraoral cameras can be used by insurance companies to increase insurance utilization while increasing access to care for remote and underserved patients. Intraoral cameras can also help with dental insurance verification and case approvals.


Intraoral Cameras for Medical Doctors, Physicians and Hospitals

Intraoral cameras are an integral component of any Medical-Dental integration allowing private nurses and physicians or hospitals and urgent care centers to add a dental screening component to their services using Teledentistry.


Intraoral cameras for Military use and Offshore Servicemen

Personal Intraoral cameras provide an affordable and efficient tool to enable military and offshore servicemen to monitor their own oral health while communicating back with their military dentist and medical doctors about the condition of their mouth.


Intraoral cameras for Non-profits and Non-Government Organizations

Intraoral cameras can be used by volunteer organizations and medical missions providing direct and immediate access to the oral health of their patients located in remote and underserved communities. Intraoral cameras provide an opportunity for remote assessment and screening of patients before and after medical missions.