Insurance Companies

Don't provide the insurance companies with a cause to refute your claims.


It's better for insurance claims

If you want insurance to pay for a treatment, your insurance company typically requires visual evidence of your illness. MouthCAM makes it easier for insurance companies to approve dental claims by providing clear and concise evidence of treatments needed. This results in patients getting the coverage they need and deserve, without any delays. Hence dental camera is better for insurance companies in enabling their service and keeping them active in the market.

But why MouthCAM?

Dentulu’s affordable intraoral camera can be used by insurance companies to increase access to care for patients in dental deserts while also helping enhance dental insurance verification and case approvals.

By just clicking a picture with the MouthCAM, you can get:
  • An oral health assessment
  • A more precise diagnosis
  • Targeted treatment plan
  • A detailed cost estimate for your dental procedure

Benefits of using MouthCAM for insurance purposes:

  • Get insurance claims accepted by including good pictures and x-rays
  • Eliminate the need for a second visit to the insurance offices
  • Avoid insurance claim denials by having quality pictures and x-rays attached
  • No more waiting for the insurance company to send someone out to take pictures or x-rays. MouthCAM is affordable and easy to use
  • It helps increase access to care for patients and also helps with dental insurance verification and case approvals

If you're looking for a way to improve your oral health, we highly recommend giving MouthCAM a try!

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