Serving Our Military and Offshore Servicemen

As a valued member of the military, you know that access to dental care can be limited, particularly when deployed in remote locations. That's where MouthCAM technology can be incredibly useful for you and your fellow service members. This technology can help connect you, IN REAL TIME with licensed dental professionals from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Dentulu's MouthCAM

MouthCAM is a small portable, lightweight device that can be attached to your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer allowing you to capture high-quality images and videos of your teeth and gums. You can then upload these images into Dentulu's Teledentistry platform, which connects you with licensed dental professionals from anywhere in the world.

With MouthCAM, you can receive remote consultations and evaluations from dental professionals, allowing you access to accurate diagnoses and treatment recommendations without the need for in-person appointments. This is particularly important for military personnel who may be stationed in remote locations with limited access to dental care.

Benefitting Our Soldiers

With its advanced features and capabilities, MouthCAM can provide military personnel with a convenient and reliable way to monitor their oral health, even in remote or austere environments.

MouthCAM's portable and lightweight design makes it an ideal tool for military use. It can be easily attached to a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. Its seamless connectivity allows for real-time communication with dental professionals, even in the most remote environments. You can choose from one of our licensed Dentulu dentists or even your own personal trusted dentist from home.

Implementing MouthCAM in the military is a straightforward process. Dental professionals can provide military personnel with MouthCAM and instruct them on its proper use. They can also provide guidance on how to share images with dental professionals for evaluation and treatment recommendations.


More Reasons Why MouthCAM is the Right Solution for You!

The benefits of using MouthCAM in the military are numerous. Here are a few examples:



With MouthCAM, military personnel can monitor their oral health and catch issues early on, before they become more serious problems that require emergency treatment, reducing risk for soldiers on long-term deployment.



MouthCAM eliminates the need for military personnel to travel to a dental office, saving time and resources. This convenience can be especially valuable in the military, where time and resources are often limited.



MouthCAM provides military personnel with a valuable educational tool that allows them to see inside their mouths and understand their oral health needs better. This education can help military personnel feel more engaged and informed about their oral health, leading to greater satisfaction and better oral health outcomes.



Dentulu's app allows for military members to choose from a variety of dentists on our platform, including their own personal and trusted dentist from home.

Implementing MouthCAM in the Military and Offshore Services

To implement MouthCAM in the military, all you need is a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer and the MouthCAM device. You can download the Dentulu app and use the device to capture images and videos of your teeth and gums. The images can then be uploaded to the Dentulu platform, where you can connect with licensed dental professionals for remote consultations and evaluations.

MouthCAM can also be used for training purposes, helping you to improve your oral health and learn proper dental care techniques. Dental professionals can use the technology to provide remote training and education on how to use the MouthCAM device and take care of your teeth and gums.


Protecting Those Who Protect Us

Due to difficulty in capturing all dental emergencies and treatment encounters, only two significant studies have been published on the non-injury dental emergency rates of deployed US soldiers. MouthCAM would provide the assets needed to identify military personnel at the greatest risk dental for emergencies, as well as providing diagnostic accuracy needed to aid in the comparability of future dental emergency rate studies.

From the research that has been provided, studies have identified that soldiers experience a nonbattle related dental emergency at a rate of approximately 173 per 1,000 soldiers annually, with a greater incidence occurring in deployed reservists and those in the National Guard.

The most common dental emergencies were caused by dental caries, or cavities. The next most common occurrences in chipped teeth or fractured fillings. While some of these didn't have immediate pain associated with these incidences, the research shows that 25% of these turned into chronic pain and infections, waking the soldiers at night. Other occurrences included pericoronitis, an infection in the gingiva around a tooth- usually wisdom teeth.

Having access to a MouthCAM camera and live remote consultations with a dental professional, either in our list of providers or a soldier's own personal trusted dentist from home, could not only prevent many of these occurrences, but also help to get a plan for treatment, resulting in immediate access for antibiotics, providing relief from active infections.

Only The Best for Our Nation's Greatest Asset

MouthCAM technology is an incredible tool for military personnel or offshore workers, particularly when it comes to accessing dental care in remote locations. By implementing MouthCAM, you can receive accurate diagnoses and treatment recommendations, improve your oral health, and reduce the need for more extensive dental care down the line.

Best of all, it's easy to use, and you can connect with licensed dental professionals from anywhere in the world using the Dentulu Teledentistry platform. Please, don't let distance be a barrier to your dental health - try out MouthCAM today!


If you're looking for a way to improve your oral health, we highly recommend giving MouthCAM a try!

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